Aliens Encircle the World in These 12 Striking Posters for Arrival

The verdict is in: The trailers for Arrival look awesome. Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Ted Chiang’s “Story Of Your Life” is sure to provide a unique spin on the alien invasion film and 12 new posters give you an idea of its scope.

Along with the latest trailer, Paramount released 12 posters for the film that, at first glance, look similar. Just the alien ship sitting above a major city. But figured out where each poster is representing and it shows that whatever Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner are doing in the film is going to affect the whole world.

Hokkaido (Japan)

Indian Ocean

Sierra Leone


Kujalleq, Greenland




Devon, United Kingdom

Black Sea, Russia


Montana, United States

Arrival opens November 11.



Source : io9[dot]gizmodo[dot]com