As Usual, Earth's Only Hope Is Amy Adams In the Trailer For Arrival

Denis Villeneuve, director of critically acclaimed thrillers like Incendies, Prisoners, and Sicario, is bringing humanity on the brink of a “global war” with aliens in his upcoming film Arrival, and the only person who can prevent it from happening is an “expert linguist” named Louise. It’s the role Amy Adams was born to play.

Arrival, based on a short story by Ted Chiang called Story of Your Life, follows Louise and an “elite team” led by Forrest Whitaker and Jeremy Renner as they attempt to communicate with extraterrestrials before it’s too late.

I’ve been saying this for 10 years, people: if the planet is in trouble, you call Amy Adams first. This movie looks fantastic.

Source : themuse[dot]jezebel[dot]com