‘Batman v Superman’ Leaked Trailer Sparks Fan Frenzy on Social Media

The highly anticipated preview popped up online Thursday evening but was quickly taken down

While it was only live on the Internet for a few minutes, the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer sparked a fan frenzy when it was leaked online Thursday night.

Shot on a cellphone — or “a calculator” as one fan joked — the shaky footage appeared to have been from a screening in Latin America but was quickly pulled from Twitter and YouTube by Warner Bros.

At the very end of the teaser, Ben Affleck could be heard in his deep, growly Batman voice saying to Superman “Tell me, do you bleed? You will,” according to the website Batman News.

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The trailer was officially teased for 20 seconds by director Zack Snyder on Wednesday, with the message: “Confirmed 4.20.15 #BatmanvSuperman @IMAX special teaser screening events. Limited space. RSVP.”

Snyder is referring to the trailer’s premiere at select IMAX theaters on Monday, Apr. 20 during special 15-minute theatrical “events” that fans can buy tickets to attend.

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“Batman v Superman” stars Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jesse EisenbergAmy Adams and Gal Gadot. It will be released on Mar. 25 of next year.

Read tweets about the leaked footage below.

That #BatmanvSuperman trailer looks so bad the film will probably be amazing.

— Dili (@Dili) April 17, 2015

If WB were on the ball they'd just release the #BatmanvSuperman trailer online right now. Might as well beat the leak with a HD version.

— Roger Erik Tinch (@tinch) April 17, 2015

"Tell me, do you bleed?" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *o* #BatmanvSuperman

— Matias Salazar (@_SkullKnight_) April 17, 2015

Like I said, in a few days, I'll be in a theater watching that #BatmanvSuperman trailer in IMAX. Not wasting my time with a leaked version.

— CabooseXBL (@Caboose_XBL) April 17, 2015

#Riddler Sign in the new #BatmanvSuperman trailer? I think so! pic.twitter.com/NUFqHYgFf8

— DRUNK CHIP KELLY (@DrunkChipYOLO) April 17, 2015

Oh. Hey Ben Affleck as Batman in an awesome, Superman-fighting super suit. #batmanvsuperman pic.twitter.com/Gtshp4bcJa

— Wade Burrell (@wade_burrell) April 17, 2015

Dude I may or may not have just watched the trailer for #BatmanvSuperman and I'm just in shock…whoa! "Tell me, do you bleed?" #YouWill

— Tyler BaltierraMTV (@TylerBaltierra) April 17, 2015

Seems like that trailer leak was a way of trying to force WB's hand because it got #BatmanvSuperman trending worldwide.

— Brandon, Son of Pen. (@PensonBrandon) April 17, 2015

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