'Batman v Superman' Reviews: Do Critics Like the Movie?

The review embargo for the highly anticipated movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been lifted and the first reactions from critics have been revealed!

The reviews seem to be mixed, with some critics pointing out strong performances, especially from Wonder Woman newcomer Gal Gadot. Read some review excerpts below:

The Wrap: “The movie’s only female non-pawn or hostage, Gal Gadot‘s Amazon warrior saves this sludgy epic from superhero sameness.”

Entertainment Weekly gives the film a C+: “Dawn of Justice starts off as an intriguing meditation about two superheroes turning to an all-too-human emotion: hatred out of fear of the unknown. Two and a half hours later it winds up somewhere very far from that—but at the same time, all too familiar. It’s another numbing smash-and-bash orgy of CGI mayhem with an ending that leaves the door open wide enough to justify the next 10 installments. Is it too late to demand a rematch?”

Forbes: “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most visually beautiful comic book movies you have ever seen. The picture is filled with moments of visual poetry and pure cinema in a way that resembles one glorious splash page after another.”

Uproxx: “I came for the escapism. I looked forward to the escapism. I wanted to embrace the escapism. But sometimes even Superman will let you down.”

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Variety: “As overblown as the lengthy showdown might become, Snyder gets closer than ever before to the classic chiaroscuro palette of classic comics, and even if his scrupulous efforts to avoid reopening Man of Steel’s collateral damage debates are a bit on the nose, at least he’s clearly received the message.”

ScreenCrush: “There probably could be a really interesting movie about the ideological divide between Batman and Superman, but on the basis of Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder was not the man to make it.”

ABC: “Snyder‘s thundering and grim Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice offers the kind of blunt, mano-a-mano faceoff usually reserved for Predators, Godzillas and presidential candidates.”

THR: “For his part, Batman is provided with plentiful backstory and psychology, but the mature character, as written, never comes into full bloom; all the same, one can look ahead with some hope to Affleck in the role in future installments. Cavill is also likeable enough but, again, hamstrung by the twisty, convoluted inventions designed to limit his abilities during long stretches.”

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