I Haven't Seen Arrival, But I Hear It's Good

Image via Paramount

Based on nearly every Arrival review, Denis Villeneuve’s new alien visitation sci-fi drama starring everyone’s favorite Oscar nominee Amy Adams and everyone’s least favorite Bourne Jeremy Renner is so good that I feel like a real chump for sitting here at work and not inside some comfortable movie theater knocking back Junior Mints and staring up at Adams’s concerned, though comforting face.


Critics are calling the film (based on a gorgeous short story by Ted Chiang) a “moving,” “strikingly human,” “wonderfully complex,” “hauntingly brilliant,” “first rate,” “masterfully crafted,” and “mesmerizing mindbender” with a “beautifully” rendered, utterly consuming narrative that cuts deep and “[strives] to express what is nearly inexpressible.” Several even say it’s “best seen twice.”

All that for a movie about Amy Adams as a linguist named Louise who must learn how to communicate with aliens. I love it.

Source : themuse[dot]jezebel[dot]com