Keanu Reeves Joins Anorexia Drama ‘To the Bone’

The film is Marti Noxon‘s feature-directorial debut and is inspired by her own personal struggle; shooting begins in L.A. by the end of March

Keanu Reeves has joined the cast of Marti Noxon‘s feature directorial debut, “To The Bone.”

The film was inspired by Noxon’s own personal battle with anorexia. She also wrote the screenplay, while Julie Lynn and Bonnie Curtis of Mockingbird Pictures are producing along with Karina Miller. Miller is financing through her company, Sparkhouse Media.

“To The Bone” is the first picture announced on the Sparkhouse slate, and principal photography is set to begin in Los Angeles at the end of March.

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Reeves will star as Dr. William Beckham, a doctor who pushes Ellen (Lily Collins) to choose life in her battle against the eating disorder.

“Keanu has such generosity and intelligence, not to mention a warmth that I’m eager to tap into,” said Noxon. “We’re all incredibly excited that he’s agreed to help us bring ‘To the Bone’ to life.”

Reeves most recently wrapped production on “John Wick 2,” and is working on three other films, including “The Whole Truth,” “The Neon Demon” and “The Bad Batch.” His previous film credits include “The Matrix Trilogy,” “Speed” and “47 Ronin.”

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Noxon is the co-creator of Lifetime’s “UnReal,” and also created and executive-produced Bravo’s first scripted drama series, “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.” Her writing credits include “Mad Men,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her feature credits include “Fright Night” and “I Am Number Four.”

Reeves is represented by CAA, Noxon is repped by WME and Hansen Jacobson.

13 of Keanu Reeves' Most Insane Movie Premises - From 'John Wick' to 'Johnny Mnemonic' (Photos)

  • Reeves plays “Constantine’s” titular exorcist bent on saving Earth from hell -- even though his soul is already damned to be interred there -- in the 2005 comic book adaptation which also starred Shia LaBeouf as a sidekick cab driver.
    Warner Bros.
  • A burned out football player becomes an FBI agent who learns how to surf so he can infiltrate a gang of bank robbers dressed like ex-Presidents and head up by Patrick Swayze. No, seriously, that's "Point Break" (1991).
    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • Keanu stars with Sandra Bullock in "Speed," a movie that mostly takes place on a bus that will explode if it slows down below 55 mph. Bullock taking L.A. public transportation? Yeah, right. (1994)
    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • Keanu and Sandra reunited for “The Lake House,” a film that saw the “Speed” co-stars falling in love through the mail and through time: Bullock writes to Reeves in 2006 while he is living in 2004. And they don’t even use stamps.
    Warner Bros.
  • A computer hacker discovers humanity is enslaved by a sentient program in “The Matrix” (1999). Reeves soon unplugs himself, masters kung fu and learns to fly.
    Warner Bros.
  • Ted (Reeves) plays a failing high school student who gets sent a time traveling phone booth from the future so that he and his buddy Bill (Alex Winter) can kidnap famous historic persons for their final class project. Turns out he’s destined to become the messiah in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (1989), too.
    Orion Pictures
  • Johnny is a "mnemonic courier" from 2021 with a data storage device implanted in his brain, allowing him to discreetly carry information too sensitive to transfer across the Net, the virtual-reality equivalent of the Internet. Also, Ice Cube leads a rebellion that includes telekinetic dolphins (1995).
    TriStar Pictures
  • Reeves playing a top-notch trial attorney in 1997's "The Devil's Advocate." If that's not wacky enough on it's own, he's also the son of the Devil (Al Pacino).
    Warner Bros.
  • After discovering a dead stripper in his motel room, played by Cameron Diaz, Keanu assumes he’s the murderer in “Feeling Minnesota" (1996). Don’t worry, she’s not dead and they live happily ever after in Vegas.
    Fine Line Features
  • One of the most high-profile bombs in Hollywood history, "47 Ronin" saw Keanu playing Kai, a half-English, half-Japanese character created for the 2013 movie and not included in any previous “47 Ronin” films.
    Universal Pictures
  • Reeves plays a scientist trying to solve the energy crisis in "Chain Reaction" (1996) by splitting up the water molecule, or something. Soon he’s neck-deep in a government conspiracy and being framed for murder and treason.
    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • After gambling away six grand, Keanu repays his debts in “Hardball” by coaching an inner-city little league team for an outrageous sum of $500 a week. But the real payoff comes when he teaches the kids the importance of camaraderie, which leads to a successful season that no one saw possible (2001).
  • In “John Wick” (2014), Reeves’ latest offering, he plays a retired hitman who has no choice but to re-enter the seedy underworld after bad guys, wait for it… murder his beloved puppy. Womp, womp.
    Summit Entertainment
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The oft-jeered actor has appeared in several films with far-fetched plots, including “John Wick” which opens Oct. 24

Reeves plays “Constantine’s” titular exorcist bent on saving Earth from hell -- even though his soul is already damned to be interred there -- in the 2005 comic book adaptation which also starred Shia LaBeouf as a sidekick cab driver.

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