Oscars.com Makes Amy Adams's Snub Crueler By Listing Her as a Nominee on Mobile Site

Amy Adams was expected to be nominated for an Actress in a Leading Role Academy Award for her turn as a stunning linguist in Arrival, but she was not among the nominees in that category named this morning. Instead, Golden Globe winner Isabelle Huppert (for Elle), Ruth Negga (for Loving), Natalie Portman (for Jackie), Emma Stone (for La La Land), and Meryl Streep (for Florence Foster Jenkins) will smile politely and clap mildly (a little for themselves, a little for the fellow nominees they’re so honored to call peers) when their names are read off during the February 26 ceremony.


Except in an alternate universe (aka the Oscars’ mobile site via ABC), Adams was listed earlier this morning in the place of Negga:

I love when mobile sites go rogue. Maybe this is a transmission from the future via a language we don’t yet know. Maybe whoever does the Oscars’ mobile site is still smarting from Adams’ snub for Enchanted. Who knows! (The error on the mobile site has since been corrected and now lists Ruth Negga, not Amy Adams.)


Also widely considered snubbed were Tom Hanks (Sully), Hugh Grant (Florence Foster Jenkins), and Annette fucking Bening (20th Century Women), who can’t catch a goddamn break, Jesus Christ give her a fucking trophy already!!!!!

Source : themuse[dot]jezebel[dot]com