Our First Real Look At Fallout 4

Our First Real Look At Fallout 4

Bethesda closed their E3 presentation with a bang today: a demo of Fallout 4, which shows us a whole lotta gameplay footage.

What you’re seeing in that GIF above? That’s the character creator. You’ll be able to play as a lady too, of course. Here’s the start of the demo, which starts out in pre-war Boston. You’ll see your family home, as well as interact with a Vault-Tec employee.


As was predicted, you’ll be able to play events leading up to the end of the world, and through sheer luck, you’ll survive the atomic bombs and be able to play through the post-apocalypse, too. The new engine looks pretty, though the animations still seem a little stiff:

Our most dynamic world ever — powered by the new Creation Engine #Fallout4 #BE3 pic.twitter.com/SWQSWu17Ci

June 15, 2015

Here’s a video that takes a look at the new combat. VATs is back, you’ll be able to wear all sorts of armor, as well as kill all sorts of creatures:

-You can issue commands to your dog, who will be your loyal companion.

-There is a new Pip-Boy, and the old-school effects on it look awesome:

-You will be able to play games on your Pip-Boy as well.

-The environment is malleable, you can build your world, Minecraft-style. Anything you can see, you can move around and scrap, so that you can build other stuff, too. This is by far the most impressive aspect of Fallout 4 so far:

-It sounds like you’ll need to get creative with your settlements, since whatever you build will be used as defensive measures, too. Tower defense in Fallout 4, basically.

-The crafting system lets you create all sorts of different attachments and guns; there are 50 base weapons to start out, which you can modify using components gathered from all the junk out in the wasteland. Everything is useful now, and not just background fodder.

Here, for example, you see the wide variety of options that you have when it comes to crafting a long scope. In older Fallout games, most of the stuff on this list would have been useless:

Our First Real Look At Fallout 4

Our First Real Look At Fallout 4


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