Story of Your Life Might be Getting a Blander Title: Arrival

We’ve been eagerly waiting to see the upcoming adaptation of Ted Chaing’s short story, The Story of Your Life, ever since we first heard about it. A preview screening for the film appears to point to a name change for the film.

According to a listing for a preview screening of the movie, it’s looking like the name for the film will be changed from Story of Your Life to the much blander Arrival. The film, which stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, follows a linguist who is tasked with trying to understand the aliens who have landed on Earth.

The name change strikes us as something similar to another film: Edge of Tomorrow (or is it Live. Die. Repeat.?), which was originally titled All You Need Is Kill. The original title certainly doesn’t scream ‘alien invasion’, but Arrival is just... bland. (And, might lead people to believe that it’s starring Charlie Sheen.)


There’s no word on when this movie will be hitting theaters, but it sounds like there’s an early cut that’s being tested out. Hopefully, it’ll be less bland than the new title.



Source : io9[dot]gizmodo[dot]com
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