Brad Pitt – “Moneyball”: The Best Baseball Films of All Time

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Play soccer! With baseball season next week, I wanted to do something a little bit funny seeing not only the best sports movies, but the best baseball movies of all time. There are more than a couple of options with a solid handle with Kevin Costner, I might add. I will even make potentially controversial choice, as discussed below. It's all for fun, though, and as I got to spend another year not get my broken by the New York Mets heart, wanted to put this out there for all of you. Enjoy and be ready for baseball ...

Here are the ten best baseball movies of all time:

10. Rookie of the Year - Maybe it's nostalgia fueling the recovery, but I have a weakness for the story of a guy who wraps pitching for the Chicago Cubs. It is wish fulfillment for pre teen boy and a bit on the eclectic side, but definitely had a charm. I could not resist putting it on my list, because, you know ... my list.

9. Major League - Baseball often transitions in comedy, with the film being perhaps the most successful pure comedy off the lot. The sports movie cliches and elements are treated well here, but they are supported by the laughter that generously distributed throughout the film. It's just a lot of fun.

8. Fever Pitch - I really dug in search of baseball fans contained in this romantic comedy. I'm not sure how attractive it is to die baseball fans nuts rom-com units alone, but if you have an affinity for both parties, combining the two worlds surprisingly well. I think it's very underrated, frankly.

7. Little Big League - the slightly more mature Rookie of fulfilling the will of the years version, this film is more like a coach and play ball department. It's very silly, but the principle is a bit more serious, so to speak. But nostalgia is at work here, no doubt about it.

6. Natural - An undisputed classic, I'm not too big on it like most others, but I still recognize it for what it is. It's a great movie that may be suffering some heavy praise, but clearly deserves its place in all the same story. I love it, although I do not like openly.

5. Field of Dreams - The melodrama of this list, any challenge you not mourn the end. The first of three films Kevin Costner baseball in the list, it really focuses on the love for the game and tie that sport can form between father and son. It is simply beautiful, pure and simple things.

4. Sugar - Perhaps less visible group is also one of the games seem more realistic, lower ball specifically binds. A look at the import of young players from Latin America, is a tragedy that makes you think so much concern about what happens on the field as it does with what happens in it. Look for this if you have not seen ... believe me.

3. Love of the Game - Course details are phenomenal here at the last exit Costner baseball, playing an aging pitcher to play for the elusive perfect game. I've never been caught in the machinations of a sports movie as I did here. You literally gasped when the roles of the ninth round. Costner has rarely been better.

2. Bull Durham - The iconic Costner film that explores the minor leagues, near the top of the first one. It's almost a situation of 1a and 1b, but very little, the winds of the second. It is extremely reliable and has a perfect environment for comedy, drama, romance, and sports. It is rare that this happens, at least in this extraordinary effect. Costner, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are fantastic.

1. Moneyball - Can not be in the majority, but look at the general manager of the Oakland Athletics This is the best baseball movie ever, in my book, anyway. Billy Beane is an incredibly attractive character, perfectly played by Brad Pitt. With great support in turn, Jonah Hill, which is basically the perfect sports drama. This is a film of prestige to the core. This is the top of my heart, no doubt.

Honors: 42, The Bad News Bears, Eight Men Out, Game 6, and The Rookie

Be ready for baseball season Monday with some of them!