The Academy Explores Robots, Science and Superheroes with 'Deconstructing Big Hero 6'



Deconstructing Big Hero 6

The Academy of Arts and Sciences will examine the creative leaps and technical innovations that went into the development of the "Big Hero 6" Oscar winner this year for Best Animated Feature, Thursday, April 23 from 7: 30 hours, at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, in Beverly Hills.

Organized by Gov. Bill Kroyer Academy, "Deconstructing Big Hero 6" sequences include instructional films, "making-of" clips and discussions on stage with the key creative team of the film members as chart his journey from creation Baymax a robot as no other, to populate the hybrid city "San Fransokyo." Special guests include directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, Roy Conli producer, visual effects supervisor Kyle Odermatt, Zach Parrish animator and film director lead Adolph Lusinsky lighting.